The Northern Working Group

Cognizant of the varied challenges confronting the recovery of Northern Ghana from endemic poverty, NDDI Ghana has launched The Skills & Expertise Bank under our landmark project, “The Northern Working Group”, to encourage citizens of Ghana in and out of the country, as well as professionals from other countries, to bring their expertise to support the development process of Northern Ghana. Under this programme, professionals with critical expertise are harnessed and clustered into a group of 4-5 people and linked on pro bono basis, to District Assemblies in Northern Ghana, to support them to succeed.

They work together to promote the rapid development of the Districts in areas including  pre budget preparation support, innovations in increasing IGF, package and market investment potentials of Districts to attract investors, promote the districts developmental agenda etc. etc. All these are geared to infuse dynamic and innovative expertise to the development of these districts.

If you are interested in availing your expertise in supporting this programme please, contact NDDI Ghana through