Who We Are

Northern Ghana Aid (NOGAID Ghana), founded in 2001 by a group of Northern traditional rulers and law students of Oxford University in the UK, is rebranding into Northern Development and Democratic Institute, NDDI, after 19 years frontline role of championing the development aspirations of Ghana’s marginalized and disadvantaged regions of Northern Ghana.NOGAID Ghana spent 19years of its existence to serve the people creditably, by implementing projects and programmes ranging from education, health, food security, emergency relief support, democratic

governance and peace building. We also ran some admirable public policy advocacy for the North which aided the birth of Savannah Accelerated Development Authority (SADA) and, presently, the Northern Development Authority (NDA). But contemporary development challenges demand a paradigm shift for continuous relevance and efficient advocacy for the development of Northern Ghana and marginalized regions. Cognisant of the new global development trend which focuses more on trade, anchored on business and investment, rather than AID. The NDDI is a metamorphosis of the Northern Ghana Aid. It is a public policy think-tank for addressing contemporary development challenges facing the people of Northern Ghana.

Our Mission

Galvanize regional, national and international critical expertise to influence national public policy and hasten the pace of the development of Northern Ghana for sustainable national development through public policy advocacy.

Our Vision

A foremost regional development public policy think-thank of excellence, providing positive, practical and alternative development policy solutions for significant socio-economic development in Northern Ghana.